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Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Do you think you’ve seen signs of bed bug activity? Here are a few tell-tale signs to look out for:

  1. You see the bugs. Adult bed bugs are about the shape and size of an apple seed.
  2. A second sign would be their case skins. As the adolescent bugs grow, they shed their skins. So, discovering this can indicate their presence. Soon after bed bugs feed, they return to their harborage to hide. Bed bugs eventually defecate in these areas, which appear as black to brown stains on porous surfaces or as black to brown mounds on nonporous surfaces.
  3. Being bitten also may indicate bed bug activity, but more signs will need to be found, since other sources can cause red welts on the skin.

Bed Bugs at a Glance

Bed bugs get their name from their known habit of feeding on humans while they sleep in their beds. Bed bugs are found in every place where people tend to gather, including residences, hotels, offices, schools, retail stores and even on public transportation. Bed bugs travel like good hitchhikers. They will hide in suitcases, boxes and shoes, anywhere that will allow them to be near their food supply. Bed bugs are elusive, nocturnal creatures. They can hide behind baseboards and in cracks, crevices, and folded areas of beds, bedding and nearby furniture, particularly mattresses and box springs. Bed bugs can also hide in electrical switchplates, picture frames, wallpaper and nearly anywhere inside a home, car, bus, or other shelter.

They usually come out at night to feed, which is known to many as a “blood meal”. Nevertheless, they are expedient insects and can also take a blood meal during the day, especially in heavily-infested areas. Bed bugs usually require 5-10 minutes to ingurgitate themselves with blood. After feeding, they move to reclusive places and hide for 5-10 days. During this time in the bed bug life cycle, they do not feed but instead digest their meal, mate, and lay eggs.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs for Good

To control these unwanted bed bugs, we provide two effective treatment plans:

  • Heat Treatment – This organic, chemically-free treatment will get rid of bed bugs since the heat will permeate wall cavities and other spaces not reachable by traditional chemical applications. The temperature during treatment ranges between 120-140° which is lethal for bed bugs.
  • Chemical Treatment – Our integrated pest management (IPM) strategy consists of controlling bed bugs through chemicals. We take the upmost caution when using these methods to effectively eradicate the bed bugs for good.

What Can You Do to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations?

Here are some tips to help you prevent bed bug infestations:

  • Check secondhand furniture, beds, and couches for signs of bed bug infestation before bringing them home.
  • Use a protective cover that encases mattresses and box springs and eliminates most hiding locations. The light color of the encasing makes bed bugs easier to spot. Be sure to buy a high quality encasement that will resist tearing and check the encasing regularly for holes.
  • Minimize clutter in your home to reduce secluded places or areas bed bugs are known to hide in.

Continue your Treatment

Strategic Termite & Pest Control can provide year-round monitoring, treatment and communication to ensure the continued effectiveness of your service with us.

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